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Staff Directory

Addison Park District Organizational Chart Download Printable PDF
Administration Office
Community Recreation Center, 120 E. Oak Street, Addison, IL 60101
(CRC is also home to the Family Aquatic Center and the Active Adult Senior Club)
Phone: 630-233-7275, option 2 | Fax: 630-833-6025
Geri Estvanik, (CPRP) Executive Director 630-233-7275, ext. 2143 Click to send email.
Lisa Jeffers, Executive Administrative Assistant 630-233-7275, ext. 2153 Click to send email.

Andrea Pindak, (CPRP) Manager of Finance and Human Resources

630-233-7275, ext. 2141 Click to send email.
Waseem Khan, IT Manager 630-233-7275, ext. 2145 Click to send email.
Deb Pfaff, Marketing and Communications Supervisor 630-233-7275, ext. 2146 Click to send email.
Adam Vasquez, Rental & Special Event Supervisor 630-233-7275, ext. 2161 Click to send email.
Lisa Zucchero, Payroll & Accounting Assistant 630-233-7275, ext. 2149 Click to send email.
Darlene Cozzo, Accounting Assistant 630-233-7275, ext. 2142 Click to send email.
Ann Santucci, Administrative Assistant 630-233-7275, ext. 2155 Click to send email.
Teresa Grodsky, Active Adult Services Coordinator 630-233-7275, ext. 2147 Click to send email.
Club Fitness and Centennial Recreation Center
1776 W. Centennial Place, Addison, IL 60101
Phone: 630-233-7275, option 3 | Fax: 630-889-1991
Steven Muenz, (CPRP) Manager of Recreation 630-233-7275, ext. 6212 Click to send email.
Erin Chapa, Manager of Fitness & Aquatic Centers Operations 630-233-7275, ext. 6207 Click to send email.
Kelly Sisco, (CPRP) Youth and Leisure Services Supervisor 630-233-7275, ext. 6209 Click to send email.
Jay Mueller, Maintenance Supervisor 630-233-7275, ext. 6206 Click to send email.
Emily Silva, Fitness & Aquatics Supervisor 630-233-7275, ext. 6211 Click to send email.
Todd Allen, Athletic Supervisor 630-233-7275, ext. 6202 Click to send email.
Links & Tees Golf Facility
880 W. Lake Street, Addison, IL 6010
Phone: 630-233-7275, option 4
Charles M. Sims, Golf Facility Manager 630-233-7275, option 4 Click to send email.
Mike VanDeVelde, Golf, Building & Grounds Supervisor
Parks and Planning Department
414 W. Fullerton, Addison, IL 60101
Phone: 630-233-7275, option 5
Ray Chaussey, Manager of Parks & Planning 630-233-7275, option 5 Click to send email.
Jackie Michaels, Administrative Assistant 630-233-7275, option 5 Click to send email.
Ron Bratland, Parks Maintenance II 630-233-7275, option 5 ---
John Baczek, Parks Maintenance II
Bryan Dvorak, Parks Maintenance II
Kyle Vant, Parks Maintenance II
Sam Alvarado, Parks Maintenance I
Fabel Garcia, Parks Maintenance I
Adam Strenz, Parks Maintenance I
Michael Sawyer, Horticulturalist

Addison Park District Facility Directory

Community Rec Center: Administrative Offices, Senior Leisure Center and
Family Aquatic Center
120 E. Oak Street | Addison, IL 60101 | Phone: 630-233-7275, option 2
Fax: 630-833-6025
Centennial Rec Center and Club Fitness
Program Registration Facility
1776 W. Centennial Place | Addison, IL 60101 | Phone: 630-233-7275, option 3
Fax: 630-889-1991
Links & Tees Golf Facility
880 W. Lake Street | Addison, IL 60101 | Phone: 630-233-7275, option 4
Fax: 630-458-9753
Parks & Planning Department
414 W. Fullerton | Addison, IL 60101 | Phone: 630-233-7275, option 5
Fax: 630-543-4899
Army Trail School Gym
346 W. Army Trail Blvd. | Addison, IL 60101 | Phone: 630- 458-3083

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