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  Ease of registration
  Program instructor
  Facility cleanliness
  Overall experience
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3. How did you or your child benefit from participating in this program? *

Met new friends Increased self esteem Lasting memories
Enhanced creativity Learned/improved skills Reduced stress
Improved health/fitness Teamwork/sharing Sense of accomplishment
4. Check one for each of the following: * Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
  Registration form was clean
  and easy to read
  Program was set up prior to class
  The Instructor was:          
  Able to answer my questions
  Ready to begin on time

5. How did you find out about this program? *

     Park District brochure
     Flyer / poster
     Newspaper article
     Past experience

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     In person at Club Fitness/Centennial Rec Center
     In person at Community Rec Center
     On line

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