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OSLAD Grant – Community Park Redevelopment Plan

Addison Park District was recently awarded an OSLAD grant providing funds for a multi-phase Community Park Redevelopment Plan. Construction began September 30 with the removal and replacement of ball field lighting, fencing and bleachers. Additional field amenities include the installation of a new drainage system to allow fields to be playable earlier in the season. Phase I of the redevelopment plan was completed in 2014.

Progress Reports

2014 Construction Summary:


  • Final seeding and blanket installed on Field #2
  • Lining and Striping of basket ball court and shuffle board court planned
  • General contractor is in the process of final grading for the construction entrance near the basket ball court (seeding and blanket to follow)
  • Electrician waiting for ComEd to deliver transformer


  • Seeding and blankets completed on Field #1
  • ll Asphalt work are completed
  • Fence company completing minor items


  • Ball field Lights installed Friday
  • East infield is done: seed blanket have been installed and ball field mix spread and graded
  • Stone installed on walking paths, proof rolling to follow.
  • Basketball court installation on schedule

Week of June 23:

  • Electrical work is in process
  • Construction of Senior Patio is still in process

Week of June 6:

  • Final grading and seeding will occur
  • Electrical pre-work is in process for new ball-field lighting
  • Shade structure has been installed
  • Senior Patio is scheduled to open June 24

…Construction will commence again in Spring 2014…

Week of Nov. 25:
This is the final week of “earth moving” until Spring. Landscape planting scheduled to be completed this week. Electrical work may continue throughout the Winter.

Week of Nov. 18:
Weather has been a factor this week and contractors were not able to make much progress with grading. However, the concrete work around the Senior Center patio has been completed and landscaping has begun. 90% of the fencing has been completed. The new tot playground has been assembled and installed, including the play surface.

Week of Nov. 11:
Irrigation system for both ball fields will be placed this week.
Bryan Rock for both ball fields will be delivered this week.

Mulch for the new playground will be delivered this week.

Week of Nov. 4:
New playground installed by ball fields.
Concrete completed by the Senior Center including new sidewalks and Bocce Ball court.
New outdoor exercise equipment has been installed.

Week of Oct. 28:
Rough grading for Field #2 is done. Work on Field #1 continues.
Fencing for both ball fields, including backstop and side fencing has been 95% completed.
Concrete for the Senior patio is being framed and will be poured the following day for all play areas and sidewalks.
The sprinkler company will verify site layout this week in order to begin their work next week.

Week of Oct. 21:
Site grading continues on both ball fields. Field #2 has had the most grading completed in the last three weeks. Rough grading to this field should be completed by the end of the week.
Fencing installation for both fields will also be completed by the end of the week. Presently, the side fencing has been installed and work has started on the backstop and dugouts.
Also this week, the concrete curb will be formed in preparation for the concrete to be poured next week.

Week of Oct. 14:
Field #2 grading will be completed this week
Field #1 grading will start this week

Week of Oct. 7:
New sewer lines have been completely installed
Field #2 is being graded this week

Week of Sept. 30:
Ball fieldlights removed
Electricians disconnecting existing electrical supply and prepping for new ball field lights
Ball fielddiamonds are being prepped
New sewer lines are laid out with installation to follow
Grinding of old asphalt starting
Removal of fencing and bleachers

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