Child Care Assistance Program

The Addison Park District works with and accepts the Illinois Department of Human Services’ Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), which is administered locally by the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago located in Addison. CCAP helps income-eligible parents pay for child care while they work or go to school.

The Addison Park District provides child care through the following programs:

  • Preschool
  • Before & After School Care (for school age children)
  • Days/Half-days of Fun, which occur during the school year when school is not in session
  • Camps: Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer Camp.

Per CCAP Guidelines, a family is considered income-eligible when the combined gross monthly income of all family members is at or below 225% of the 2024 Federal Poverty Level for the corresponding family size.

In two-parent families, both incomes must be combined to determine eligibility. Two-parent families include those with 2 or more adults living in the home, such as the applicant and his or her spouse or parents of a common child in the home.

The best way to screen for eligibility is by using the Illinois Department of Human Services Child Care Eligibility Calculator at:

Remember to use your GROSS monthly income in the calculation.

If the tool suggests your family qualifies for CCAP, you will need to complete a CCAP application by filling out the (paper) application.  We have copies of the 17-page application, in both English and Spanish at our offices, or you can download the document in English by clicking on the following link:


  • You will need documentation regarding your income for both you and any other parents or guardians living in the household with the child or children. Filling out the paperwork will take time, so please make sure every required field is completed, or it will delay the approval process.
  • In addition to the completed form, you will be required to bring your 2 most recent paystubs as proof of your income. If 2 adults live and work in the house, you will be required to bring proof for both adults.  If, based on your application, more documentation is required, you will be asked to bring those documents as well.   
  • Drop off your completed application with the requested documentation to Addison Park District’s Community Recreation Center, 120 E. Oak St., Addison, IL.
  • The Addison Park District will complete our section of the application (child care provider), and then we will scan and email it to YWCA and copy you on that email.
  • The Addison Park District is only assisting with this process to streamline it.  The Addison Park District does not review nor approve applications.  The approval or denial of applications is determined by the program’s administrator, The WYCA of Metropolitan Chicago, located at 2055 Army Trail Rd Ste 140, Addison, IL 60101.
  • A completed and approved application with the required documents will be used to determine eligibility. Please allow ten business days from the day of receipt by YWCA for your application to be assigned to a caseworker and reviewed.
  • You will receive a determination notification by email from YWCA, and the Addison Park District will be copied on this notification.
  • Monthly copays are due on the first of every month and are to be paid to the Addison Park District. Cash, check, or credit card will be accepted. Copays not paid by the first of every month or credit card payments that are declined or checks that are returned may be subject to penalty fees.
  • If you are already approved for CCAP, but are changing providers, please contact your caseworker at YWCA for a Change of Provider Form. Once you have your Change of Provider Form, please email your completed portion to the Addison Park District, and we will complete our portion and submit it via email to YWCA and copy you on the email.