Addison Park District – Recreation General Policies

Program Refund Policy

The Addison Park District strives to provide patrons with high quality recreation programs and activities. To encourage participation in Park District programs, the Park District has a refund policy precipitated on guaranteed satisfaction. Should you choose to withdraw from a program the following options apply:

  • We invite you to repeat the program at no charge, or
  • Allow for a pro-rated credit to be applied towards another Park District program, or
  • Issue a pro-rated refund, less a $5.00 administrative fee, (per person, per program) as a check or credit card refund.

Refunds requested as a result of moving, injury/illness or schedule change will be pro-rated according to the date the refund is requested ($5.00 administrative fee applies).

Refunds will be issued within 10 business days, upon receipt of the REFUND-WITHDRAWAL REQUEST. Credits issued back to a credit card may require a full billing cycle to appear.

Daily Fees

No refunds will be issued for any daily fees for Open Gym, Club Fitness, Junior High Dances, or Links & Tees.

Contract Programs

A contract program is one which the Park District is obligated to pay a fee, whether the participant attends or not. Contracted programs include Gymnastics, Kids Karate Club, and Ballroom Dancing. No refund will be given for any contract program unless a replacement is found. If a replacement is found, a full check refund minus $5 for administrative costs, or a letter for 100% credit of program fees will be issued.

Contract Trips

If the Park District has not incurred any costs of a trip, the participant will receive a full check refund minus $5 for administrative costs. If a replacement is found, the participant will be granted a full check refund minus $5 or a 100% letter of credit.

Organized Leagues

No refunds will be granted to teams in organized leagues such as adult softball, basketball, etc.

Cancelled Programs

The Park District reserves the right to cancel or postpone any program due to insufficient enrollment. If a program is canceled, a full refund will be granted. Prorating Fees: The Park District does not prorate any fees. Once a program begins, enrollment remains open at the advertised rate as space allows and with instructor permission.



Addison Park District – Code of Conduct:

I. Equal Access

No eligible participant shall be limited to the exercise of any right, privilege, advantage or opportunity on the basis of race, sex, creed, national origin, activities, services, or benefits.

II. Behavior

Participants are expected to exhibit positive behavior at all times. The following guidelines have been developed to help make park district programs safe and enjoyable for all participants. Additional rules may be developed for particular programs and athletic leagues as deemed necessary by staff. Participants shall:

  1. Show respect to all participants and staff.
  2. Take directions from staff.
  3. Refrain from using abusive or foul language.
  4. Refrain from causing bodily harm to self, other participants, or staff.
  5. Show respect to equipment, supplies, and facilities.

III. Discipline

A positive approach will be used regarding discipline. Staff will periodically review rules with participants during the program session. If inappropriate behavior occurs, a prompt resolution will be sought specifically to each situation. The park district reserves the right to dismiss a participant whose behavior endangers the safety of himself/herself or others.

IV. Procedure

Upon registration or entry into the program, the parent/guardian should be solicited for any information regarding special accommodations needed. For example, if the registration form asks to describe accommodation needed for the participant’s enjoyment of a particular program, and the parent response indicates “a positive role model for behavior,” or another response of that nature, the parent should be contacted for information about any behavior modification programs in place at school or home. Attempts should be made to utilize these in the program.